Hi. My name is Ambika. You can learn a little about me and what I do on this page:

  • I have been developing software since 2016, primarily in F# and OCaml.
  • I enjoy developing and contributing to open-source software projects that I make use of or that interest me.
  • I am particularly enthusiastic about functional programming, as well as the F#, OCaml, and Rust programming languages.
  • I generally prefer developing software that will be used by other developers, e.g. libraries or programming languages.
  • I am interested in Programming Languages and Formal Methods, as well as their intersection with distributed computing.

You may contact me at ambika@rosalogia.me.

Currently Working On

  • Developing a high-level library for adding fast gossip-based P2P networking to OCaml applications, called pollinate
  • Building a toy version-control system in order to better appreciate the design of existing ones.